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Church Administration Training

Church Administration Training

It's time to take your knowledge of church administration to a new dimension.

Every Senior Pastor needs qualified ministry assistants from church secretaries to board of directors, what you don't know can greatly impede the God-given vision of your local church as well as put your ministry at risk.

What you don't know can hurt you.

We offer church administration certification courses for Church Administrators, Church Secretaries, Church Human Resource Managers, as well as a certificate of training for church board members.

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Don't won't certification and just need training - then take classes a la carte. New classes loaded monthly. Please note: Effective January 2013 A La Carte classes are only for those who DO NOT want certification.

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Equipping Ministries Online ClassesChurch Administration Online Classes

Click here to take the class "Principles of Church Administration" With assignment and quizzes, course material is estimated at 3 hours and 15 minutes for the class.

Principles in Church Administration


Setting Up and Running a Church Office Online ClassClick here to register to take the online class "Setting Up and Running a Church Office."  Estimated total class time with assignment and quizzes = 11 hrs 15 min (dependent upon student's pace)



Church Administration Certification Programs:

It is unfortunate that for years many church office staffs have been left to fend for themselves, which produced frustration, burnout, discouragement, and disillusionment.  Ephesians 4:16 tells us that the body of Christ grows and builds itself up through the aid of every contributory link (every joint) effectively supplying its part. The church and Christian colleges have ample courses on biblical studies, leadership and the like but have overlooked a vital link to the Body—its administrators.

Although the church has generally put the burden on the pastor, it is impractical to expect pastors to effectively shepherd God’s people and manage a church, its office and business affairs. The pastoral calling is primarily one of feeding, equipping, covering, and counseling. This is why Christian colleges have appropriately focused largely on degrees in biblical studies for pastors with a few courses on church administration. The courses offered give pastors a glimpse of the business aspect of the church, but where does this leave those who are called to church administration?

The church cannot be a strong organism when we neglect that which is fundamental to effective church management. There is a demand for excellence in ministry but the church cannot fulfill this demand with untrained church office workers. 

When we attach church administration to a pastor’s already weighted responsibilities, some are pushed beyond measure. It is reported that "About 75% of pastors go through a period of stress so great that they consider quitting." It is vital to understand that being called to pastor does not necessarily mean one is called to be an administrator. Clearly the biblical definition of pastor does not apply nor appear to demand that from pastors. The Apostles understood this and when the demand to tend to administrative matters was interfering with their called function, they appointed others to tend to the business of the church (Acts 6).

Watching over souls is a twenty-four hour job without any holidays or days off. This is where adhering to the principles of administration comes in handy. One of the principles is called delegating to qualified people. This is where those called to church administration excels. The church administrator, senior office administrator, pastor of administration, secretary, administrative assistant, treasurer, business administrator—whatever the titles are, pastors must choose to delegate. We cannot afford to continue to lose such mighty men and women of God as casualties of ministry. A “called” church administrator is a blessing to any ministry. An anointed church secretary can help keep peace in the office and church, as well as reroute to the appropriate ministry leader matters that normally would unnecessarily disrupt a pastor’s day.

We offer Two Certification Tracks and One Certificate of Training:

  • Church Administrator Certification
  • Church Secretary Certification
  • Church Board of Directors Certificate of Training

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IBecause the course is self-paced, you may register for the course at anytime. Students start everyday - you are invited to enroll today!

Please go to for the most current information and to obtain a list of the classes, pricing, and answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding this training.

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Setting Up and Running a Church Office Online Class     Church Bylaws Overview Class   Churches and Politics Lesson

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