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Called Alongside - Ministering in the Spirit of an Armorbearer  

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Equipping Ministries® is a training ministry for churches and individuals. Kenny and Dr. Pamela R. Smith oversee this ministry that God has used to bring quality anointed training to local church assemblies of varying denominations throughout the country. Equipping Ministries® has a calling to help equip saints to serve more effectively in humility, possessing the spirit of an armorbearer / adjutant, as well as aiding individuals to fulfill their God-given calling.

Equipping Ministries® has developed curriculum for all ages, as well as ministerial training and trainings for church administrative staff. It offers workshops, seminars and onsite training throughout the country.

 Equipping Ministries® has been on several television ministries, including Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) and was interviewed by Christianity Today International and is included in one of its Building Church Leaders Online Study Guide.

Equipping Ministries is under the pastoral covering of Bishop Steve Edmondson (Middlesex COG). 

Church Administration and Other Trainings

We offer one-on-one training as well as workshops in church administration, teambuilding, serving in the church, armorbearer training, leadership workshops, and more. We can customize training just for your church.

Our church administration training is applicable to your board members, deacons, church administrators, secretaries, and all who serve in any capacity in church administration.

Books (Pamela Smith and other EM staff)

Pamela Smith has written biblically sound books that will strengthen you as an individual as well as your congregation. Her books are taught in Bible classes, Sunday school classes, and small groups nationally and internationally.

Books and other Christian education resources may be purchased online at www.turningpointstore.org


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To allow staff R&R our office closes annually during the following weeks:

Because of our hectic schedule throughout the year, our office closes annually May 12-May 31 and December 1 - January 6