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  • Equipping MinistriesÒ endeavors to provide seminars and workshops that will equip the saints to do work of the ministry. DVDs and CDs from some of our seminars and radio broadcasts are available for ordering.  

    All our trainings are copyrighted.  No place is too far for us to travel - give us a call and we will gladly come and do an onsite training.

    We also teach at retreats, conferences, and church services.

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     The Danger of Serving Wounded


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    Road Map to Ministry

    11 Training CDS

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    10 CDs: 

    · Knowing, Understanding, and Operating within Your Calling (1 CD) (Elder Sheryl Brinson)

    · Husband and Wife Ministry—Covering and Flowing Together (1 CD)  (Elders Mary & Timmy Burton)

    · Flowing with and Submitting to Leadership (1 CD) (Pamela Smith)

    · Understanding the Callings and Gifts within the Body (2 CDs) (Pamela Smith)

    · Understanding a Pastor’s Heart (1 CD) (Bishop Steve Edmonson)

    · Altar Ministry (1 CD)  (Evangelist Nettie Taylor)

    · Understanding Your Role as Ministerial Support Staff (1 CD (Pamela Smith)

    · History of Women in Ministry (2 CDs) (Pamela Smith)

     Over 11 hours of teaching

    10 CDs for only

    Retail: $66.00   Special: $35.00



     7DVDs from Road Map to Ministry

    (same topics as CD-set, except does not include Role as Ministerial Support Staff or Women in Ministry listed above)

    Retail: $104.00  Special: $45.00 Click Here to Go to Online Store

    Hearing the Voice of God


    Revival means a recovery from a state of neglect.  It is a reawakening.  True revival comes when we restore our relationship with God so that we can hear His voice.  We are in need of reviving His word in our hearts so that He can speak into our lives. All it takes is one word from God and your life is forever changed; however, you must be in a position to hear Him when He speaks.  God says, "I know your works… Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.”  Get back in position to hear God's voice.   3 CD– Album or 3 Tape Album

    3 CDs: $18.00   /  3 Tapes: 14.00   

    Uprooting Curses and Embracing Purpose

    This powerful 3-CD tells us that God is calling us to break the chains of bondage and walk in the newness of life he has called and ordained for our lives. He has given you a name, calling you the righteousness of God.  Although you have been in a pit, put in a pit, or have fallen in a pit, God can still manifest his purpose when you yield. The manifested work on the cross has set you free from generational curses, so now it is time to embrace your purpose.  

    From a 3-day Youth Revival

    CD 1: What’s in a Name  * CD 2: In a Pit for Purpose  *CD 3: Breaking Free of Generational Curses

     3 CDs: $18.00    


    The Power of Agreement (Will Kill Giants)

    There is power in agreement. When a church body stands together on one accord, every giant that it faces will be slain. This two part message deals with the inward giants and the outward giants. We must first kill our inward giants so we can stand united and slay the outward giants. It deals with the danger of serving wounded, hypocrisy, communication, wrong motives, flowing together, and more.

    Click here to listen to excerpts from the CD (requires windows media player)

    2 CDs: $13.00   /  2 Tapes: 10.00   

    Click Here to Go to Online Store and place your order!

    Click Here to Go to Online Store and place your order!

    Frustrated But Destined 

    God knows the plans He has for you - to bring you to an expected end. But you must believe the promise and refuse to settle; recognize that all advice is not Godly advice or for your benefit and not give your past an opportunity to mock you. You must know that: (1) what others see as nothing, God sees as equipping  (2) Your purpose will propel you into the ring; (3) Obscurity can’t block your purpose; (4) What you think is killing you is grooming you (5) You’re closer than you think.

    Tape Cost:  $5.00 / CD Cost: $7.00       

    I've Prayed But Nothing Has Happened:  Are you praying about something and it seems as if nothing is happening?  Your prayer life will not be the same after listening to this inspiring  tape.  (from seminar)  CD Cost: $7.00       

    Behind the Mask:  So often we are warriors around everyone but what happens when we're alone?  We've been smiling on the outside but dying on the inside.  We've tried to hide to behind our pain.  We've put makeup on it.  We've put band-aids on it.  But when no one is around, the tears flow.  The pain emerges.  The loneliness takes over.  The frustration surfaces.  All that we have pushed down rises to the surface, only for us to begin the same cycle over tomorrow.  This series covers five different types of masks.  (from seminar)    CD Cost: $7.00

    The War Within    It’s amazing that no matter how many scriptures we can quote and how fervently we pray, we still must die daily to our flesh. Because just when we think we’ve mastered an area that we’ve been struggling in, sometimes seemingly from out of nowhere our flesh reveals other areas that have not yet died to the will of the Father. (75 minutes—from seminar) CD Cost: $7.00

    The Characteristics of a Great LeaderAwesome tape covering 17 characteristics of a great leader (75 minutes—from our weekly radio broadcast). CD Cost: $7.00

    The Cost of ServanthoodIf we are to seek God’s face and not His hand, it’s going to cost us (from our weekly radio broadcast). CD Cost: $7.00

    Chosen But With Opposition - This eye-opening teaching that uncovers the things that try to block us from entering into our place of appointment. It's one thing to be called but how do you get into your place of appointment? It's been five years, ten years - and you still seem to be stuck. What is blocking your place of appointment?  

    CD Cost: $7.00

    Click here to listen to excerpts of Chosen but with Opposition  

    The Spirit of Rejection - Rejection is the action of throwing away, as anything useless or vile.  It is to refuse to receive; to slight; to despise.  To refuse to accept.   This revealing tape will minister to your spirit.  It will cover the Results of Rejection and how to Overcome Rejection. Results of Rejection: Causes you to be fearful to enter into your purpose; causes you to become overly competitive; causes you to feel and act desperate. Overcoming Rejection:  Don't take it personal; You must be confident in what God has deposited in you; You must change the way you think. (75 minutes)   Tape Cost $5.00 / CD Cost: $7.00

    Click here to listen to excerpts from the CD    (requires Windows Media Player)

    Erroneous response to rejection causes us to focus on our pain instead of God’s plan for our lives.

    Purpose is what God created us to do. It is what determines our goals and paths in life.  Don’t miss this awesome, thought-provoking and stirring teaching is from a conference. It poses questions such as "Why Sit You Here and Die?" We have had many testimonies from those who have been blessed by this teaching.

    CD Cost: $7.00

    The Danger of Just Floating

    A word to the Body. A word to Leaders. There is a danger in just floating. Are you still zealous for the things of God? Has Sunday morning church become a routine, a habit - because you have drifted in your prayer life, drifted in your fasting life?  Where have you floated to in your relationship with God? This teaching will stir you to rekindle the flame.  (The testimonies keep coming from those who were blessed by this teaching)

     Single CD $7.00

    What are You Carrying and Do You Have Strength to Carry?

    It is time to bring forth but do you have strength to deliver? This message encourages you to stay focused and not to cast away your purpose but wait on God and endure the labor pains so you can bring forth. Looking at Leah, Jacob, and Nehemiah, you will gain insight on how to overcome rejection, distractions and toxic relationships that try to drain you of your strength and prohibit you from delivering the promise.

    Click here to listen to excerpts from the CD

    Single CD $7.00 

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    The Danger of Living in Your Past

    Past successes, past failures, past mistakes, past sins—whatever—there is a danger in our holding on to the past so tightly that it blinds our view of God’s future for us and holds up captive. Some of us are grounded in our ministry or business because we refuse to release our past and trust God with our today.

     Single CD $7.00

    Delivering Your Soul

    This powerful message shows how we can be physically and spiritually delivered but our soul still held captive. It tells us how to bring our soul out of prison. Awesome testimonies from this message!

     Single CD $7.00

    The Season Changer

    God changes seasons for purpose. Do you need a season change? Then you must understand purpose. Hannah’s womb had been shut up by God. There are some things in your life that will not change until you surrender totally to God and understand that it is Him who sets up kings and pull down kings. Hannah’s season changed the moment she understood purpose and God opened her womb.

     Single CD $7.00

    The Children of Destiny

    Ministered at a youth service but touches all. Destiny will find you but you must know how to carry yourself and what can try to divert your purpose. This awesome message walks you through the bible revealing five things that you must know: Be True to Yourself; Recognize that Jealousy & Envy Will Arise; Pick Your Battles; God Will Make Room for You; Be Careful Who You Hook Up With.

    Single CD: $7.00

    The Role of Deaconesses - This step-by step workshop teaching series gives you the history of deaconesses, your role as a deaconess and so much more. It will help to challenge you to more adequately fulfill the vital role you have been called and appointed to serve. It is not "preaching" but a classroom setting teaching.

    Topics covered: The History of Deaconesses, Understanding the Call & Purpose; The Characteristics/Roles of Deaconesses, Meeting the Needs of the People, Serving the Pastor More Effectively, Flowing Effectively With Fellow Deacons and Ministerial Staff.  

     Two tape album Cost:  $10.00 / Two CD Album Cost: $13.00

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    Blessed, Broken and Given - This series will give you revelation knowledge that will enlighten you so that you will know that you have been Blessed for a Purpose and that Dying to the Master’s Will will enable you to Survive Brokenness so that you may be Ready to be Given.  

     Two tape album Cost:  $10.00 / Two CD Album Cost: $13.00

    Flowing In Your Seasons Flowing In Your Seasons requires discernment. We must be like the children of Issachar when they discerned God was about to make a leadership change. They realized that if they stayed where they were, they would miss what God was about to do.

    If we are to flow in our season, we must be able to identify what season we are in and be willing to make the necessary adjustments. This series will stir you to get in position so you can flow effectively in your God-ordained season. 

    Two tape album Cost:  $8.00 / Two CD album Cost: $13.00

    Click here to listen to excerpts from this teaching (requires Windows Media)

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