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  1. How do I invite Equipping Ministries®... ?
  2. Where can I find books and other... ?
  3. What types of workshops do you provide?
  4. What denomination are you?
  5. What are your business hours?

How do I invite Equipping Ministries® to do an onsite training at my church?

Equipping Ministries® provides open and closed onsite trainings. Open training sessions mean your church wants to be a host site for a training and anyone is welcomed to attend. Closed training means your church is sponsoring an onsite training just for your church or its church affiliates.

You simply email us the type of training workshop you desire along with suggested training dates or you may complete our online ministry request form located at the bottom of this page.

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Where can I find books and other training materials by Pamela Smith and other Equipping Ministries® teachers?

At this time, Dr. Smith's books are published via Turning Point Publications, LLC. You may order all training materials from www.turningpointstore.org including teaching CDs and DVDs.

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What types of workshops do you provide?

Equipping Ministries® provides workshops for your church at large, your board of elders, trustees, church administrators/secretaries, deacons / deaconesses, ministerial staff, praise and worship team, choir, armorbearers, Christian education department, Sunday school, intercessory prayer team, as well as teambuilding workshops. We also provide training retreats for your women's ministry.

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What denomination are you?

Equipping Ministries® is nondenominational. We work with churches around the globe, not based on denomination but needs. We cater our trainings to meet your specific need and we do not cross denominational dogmas. It is our goal to add to your church's spiritual growth and operate within your specific denominational beliefs and requirements.

We have worked with just about every denomination from Baptist, Free Will Baptist, Catholic, Church of God in Christ, Church of God, Methodist, Presbyterian, and more! Just let us know what your needs are and we will cater a biblically sound training for your church. All of our trainings are consistent with the Word. If we believe we are being asked to teach something that contradicts the Word, we will decline.

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What are your business hours?

We travel quite a bit so email is quickest way to receive a response from us.

Equipping Ministries® is open:

Monday (10am-1pm) - Tuesday to Thursday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm (Central)

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Equipping Ministries® Ministry Engagement Request Form

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